We are..... 


(The Chandler Learning and Development Center, LLC)


We are a basic family of four who home-schools our two children and wanted to start an on-line business to put a little more food on the table and money in our pockets.  

And to help produce and promote better products in the business atmosphere.  When families come to our site we want them to KNOW NOW all the lastest and greatest trends in products and news.  (Check out our BLOG!)

We sell the items we sell, due to all the junk in the marketplace today.  We feel we have the FAMILIEST quality products.

We are located mainly on the Internet at this site.   However we do have a physical address see GET IN TOUCH at the bottom of the page.

Our FAMILY team currently consists of myself, my wife, and our two kids.

Enjoy your stay!  And as we say down South, "Yall Com' Back Now Ya 'Ear!"